The meaning of life - Pál Mácsai and Miklós Lukács

Nov 22
October 31, 2022
The meaning of life - Pál Mácsai and Miklós Lukács

One Minute Short Stories in 100 Minutes — Pál Mácsai reads from István Örkény's short stories, Miklós Lukács plays the cimbalom (18:00). The book "One Minute Short Stories" was first published half a century ago in 1968. The minimum of communication on one side, the maximum of imagination on the other. In the writings, there is the grotesque spectacle of our shared ideas in bits and pieces, but also the mysterious fullness of life in the banalities.

The genre is now a concept, many of its lines are now household words, and its figures, and situations have become part of our language and our thinking. A peculiar feature of the one-liner is that it does not grow old. The reason for this is not only their attractive form, their original optics, their pure wit, and their bright humor, but first and foremost their author's insight into what does not change in and around us.


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