New Year greetings

January 11, 2023
New Year greetings

In the middle of last year, after renovating the building, rearranging the exhibition, and equipping it with modern museum technology, we reopened the Kunffy Lajos Memorial Museum.

The renovation and new museum equipment, as well as the running costs, were provided by the Kunffy Lajos Memorial Museum Nonprofit Ltd. The total budget for 2022 was about 180 mFt, for which 21 mFt were received from private sources. No state budget funds were available. We have an excellent team of staff, whose work has earned the love and satisfaction of our visitors. Even during the renovation, but especially since the opening, there has been a strong sense of sympathy for our work from our immediate surroundings and from the world of museum and art history. The cultural events we call the Kunffy program have been a great success, with visitors coming from beyond the county's borders. The number of visitors reached 2,000 in three months, without any meaningful propaganda in the mass media.
From 3 October to 16 December, we organized an exhibition of 14 high-quality paintings of Kunffy's life in the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which was seen by almost 10,000 people. At the beginning of December our first book, The Kunffy Couple and the Somogyturians was published by Anikó Németh.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed financially to the costs of our museum. On 28 January and 4 February, we will be holding a special guided tour for them, starting at 11:00, and lasting around two hours, with coffee and a chat. Registration is possible by sending an e-mail to

In 2023 we will continue the renovation of the building, this year we will tackle the studio. Financial support and donations will continue to be gratefully accepted! For donations over HUF 20,000, we will send an honorary copy of our book to our supporters!

Information about our program is available on our website and Facebook page.

We wish all our visitors and supporters a happy and prosperous New Year in good health.


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